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Downtown Flea Goes Weekly In Los Angeles

Starting Sunday, January 26th, the flea will hit the Historic Core every Sunday 10a.m.-4:00p.m. Since its launch in July 2013, Downtown Flea has been dubbed "The Best Flea Market in Los Angeles"; making Angelenos request it take place weekly rather than monthly.... Continue Reading →

Virginia Postrel and The Power of Glamour

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move . Why do we need glamour? Whether you can define that question right away for yourself, or even think you might at least be close to the answer, hold that thought. In her... Continue Reading →

She’s So 80’s “And We LOVE it!”

Ivana Helsinki: Peculiar Fennoscandian Fashion Film Fusion

Imagination has firmly taken hold of Ivana Helsinki, as lead designer Paola Suhonen creates and curates the family owned, eco-friendly, independent art, fashion, cinema brand with a premiere of the new Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 collection, Friday, September 14th, 2012 from 7-10pm... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Fashion Highlights: Marni at H&M

The past Friday was a celebration of Marni as celebs and devotees alike joined H&M to launch the fashion brand soon to be available in stores. Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder and Milla Jovovich were among the guests who attended a party... Continue Reading →

“My Week With Marilyn” Monroe Fashion

When "My Week With Marilyn" hits theaters, Marilyn lovers will have the opportunity to watch actress Michelle Williams channel this fashionable global icon.  Monroe was a private woman off set and when not strutting her sex-kitten persona, she stuck to... Continue Reading →

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