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New Consumer Labeling For ‘Animal Welfare Approved’

Press Release Terrebonet, OR (JANUARY 26, 2017) After months of constituent feedback, market research and design work, A Greener World (AGW)--North America's most trusted and transparent farm certifier--has released a brand new logo for its market-leading third-party certification, Animal Welfare... Continue Reading →

Plant, Pick and Plate : The Indoor Gardening Revolution

Grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, sprouts and fruits inside your home, all year-round.

International Women’s Day 2014: Reducing Global Hunger

“In many developing countries, women are the backbone of the economy. Yet women farmers do not have equal access to resources and this significantly limits their potential in enhancing productivity.” Today, Saturday March 8th is International Women’s Day—and, all over the... Continue Reading →

14 Food Resolutions for 2014

This week our wonderful friends Ellen Gustafson and Danielle Nierenberg, over at Food Tank released their personal list of 2014 resolutions that they think anyone can do in order to bring about positive, sustainable change that will not only nourish people but also... Continue Reading →

Certified Organic A Market Myth: In Organic We Trust

Is the label "organic" something we can really trust? 78% of Americans eat organic food, because they think it's healthier. But is organic really better for us or just a marketing scam? When corporations went into the business and "organic"... Continue Reading →

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