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What will you let go, to be who you are? ‘Paradise’ at the Odyssey

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move A former Columbia neuroscientist turned high school biology teacher, Dr. Guy Royston (Jeff Marlow) and his gifted Yemeni-American student, a high school senior, Yasmeen al-Hamadi, (Medalion Rahimi), form an unlikely scientific partnership in... Continue Reading →

‘The Anarchist’ at Theatre Asylum

To be delirious. [dih-leer-ee-uh s] To be numb by the ecstasy of perfection. [per-fek-shuh n]  The opening of The Anarchist at Theatre Asylum on Santa Monica Blvd., Theatre Row Hollywood, this past weekend, is the dictionary definition of impeccable excellence. An... Continue Reading →

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