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Star Trek: Beyond (What you think you already know)

How good it your general knowledge when it comes to the epic Star Trek franchise? Did you know, for instance, that Star Trek was the first TV show in US history to show an interracial kiss? Or that the release... Continue Reading →

Batman V Superman: ALL you need to know

What do you get when you put together two of the most iconic badass DC superheroes ever created on the big screen?  We’ll all have to wait until March 25th to find out…except...We. Cannot. Wait. So after a little digging... Continue Reading →

Meet the Star Wars Fanatics…ahem…SUPERFANS!

Think you’re the biggest Star Wars fan that’s ever existed?  You’ve got NOTHING on these guys!  (click to enlarge the graphic)

The Hottest Star Wars Non-Humans

YES!  We are obsessed with Star Wars! But why not?  Here are some MORE fun facts in anticipation of the movie bonanza about to strike! We’ve all come across at least one Star Wars fan who has a big crush... Continue Reading →

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