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eShakti Revisits The Vintage Style of Bonnie and Clyde

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

459px-Bonnieclyde_fThere has been a longing fascination with Depression Era bank robbers Bonnie Elizabeth Parker  and Clyde Chestnut Barrow. The two outlaws and their gang captured the attention of the Americans people during the “public enemy era” between 1931 and 1934. They later had their reputation revived and cemented in American pop folklore by Arthur Penn’s 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde, which starred Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty. With A&E’s recent (and summarily slammed) TV remake this past week, it’s no surprise that not only are this couple’s antics in the spotlight once again, but their fashions are as well.

eShakti, the premiere online retailer of retro-inspired, customizable apparel, decided to highlight a more charming side of this pair and came up with some interesting pieces that can help you channel the aspiring-actress-turned-criminal  that will make you look simply….shall we say… arresting?  Add a headpiece, rouge those lips, and you’re ready to break hearts!






Celebrate Literature Through Fashion – Enter the Toms and Out of Print Back-To-School Sweepstakes

pigeonTOMS and Out of Print have teamed up once again for their back to school sweepstakes – a chance to win some awesome prizes! The contest runs until Wednesday, September 4, 9:00am EDT. The winners will be announced Wednesday, September 4, 2013. Head over to Out of Print Clothing now for your chance to win! 

* Please note that entering your email is an opt-in for both TOMS and Out of Print’s email lists.  Here at Gia On The Move, we don’t particularly like to enforce other people’s rules.  But if you are ok with it, simply click on the image below.  You can always opt out.  Just suggesting…

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About Out of Print:

Out of Print’s mission is to celebrate literature through fashion and help increase access to books around the world. Out of Print licenses and designs original artwork from iconic literary classics to create unique conversation starters in the form of apparel, tote bags, iPhone cases, stationery items, accessories and novelty gift items. To date, Out of Print has helped donate 600,000 books to communities in need through their partnership with Books For Africa.

Magic Knitting Factory Project

The Knitting FactoryMusic and entertainment brand Knitting Factory Entertainment (KFE) is back at Project Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas today August 19-­‐ 21st, the third appearance at PROJECT, since June.

Look for Knitting Factory Entertainment in Booth 21114—and they shouldn’t be hard to find as this year’s booth will be twice the size as KFE’s 2012 PROJECT setup.

KFE’s global entertainment lifestyle collection launched in January 2012. The KFE collection boasts unique and original pieces in many categories including apparel, accessories and leather goods with an eye on footwear, headwear, electronics and skate decks. Inspired by the brand’s heritage of creating uniquely American collections, it features homegrown collaborations and pieces made in the United States and Europe. At this year’s PROJECT, KFE will be unveiling new tee, hoodie and bag designs. They will also introduce apparel with venue-­‐specific designs available for purchase at the KFE concert houses’ newly created retail spaces.

The Knitting FactoryThis year, the brand is expanding THE KNIT COLLECTION. With a nod—and a wink—to New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, the KF Brooklyn Metro Tee, the debut item in the Knitting Factory Entertainment lifestyle collection, brings style, quality and social consciousness together in what looks and feels like a favorite old concert t-­‐shirt. KFE proudly offers this 100% American Made, organic cotton tee with sustainable design and manufacturing from field to printing. This season, KFE has supplemented the Metro Tee with four new SKU’s including “Black Heart Procession;” “Cops;” “Gazer” and Fela (bearing the face of Afrobeat musician Fela Kuti, which KFE launched as a household brand last season. As producers of the eponymous Tony Award-­‐winning Broadway show Fela!, KFE will be displaying items from his collection of album artwork, show graphics and more.

brooklyn“Knitting Factory already has deals to produce apparel—tees, accessories and novelty products— featuring incredible imagery from iconic shows held at Knitting Factory venues.” The collection is rolling out at newly designed retail spaces within Knitting Factory Concert Houses in Brooklyn, Boise, Spokane and Reno, as well as at at retailers across the globe including boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Asia, Europe and Australia.

KFE has continued to build on previous agreements in place for accessories and US-­‐made apparel with the likes of Groceries Apparel (www.groceriesapparel.com) and Ecoteka (www.ecotekaworld.com); as well as expanding the KFE brand by signing on French clothing and accessories company KOTHAI, (www.kothai.fr) slated to roll out a line of leather accessories in Europe including bags, wallets and iPad cases, t-­‐shirts and other apparel. New licensee Atlanta-­‐based fashion and apparel company Fallen Arrows (http://fallenarrows.com).

About Knitting Factory Entertainment

Founded in 1987 with its first venue opening in New York City, Knitting Factory Entertainment is a creative producer, manager and distributor of universal music content, film/TV and theatrical events: The Company operates music venues across the country including New York, California, Idaho, Washington and Nevada; Knitting Factory Presents, one of the top 50 promoters in the world, produces national and international tours, concerts and events; Knitting Factory Records, along with its partners Partisan Records and Young One Records, manages recorded music catalogues and current artists and releases content in all formats as well as music-­‐branded DVDs; and Figure Eight Media and Knitting Factory Management and Van Johnson Company, which handles the careers of emerging and critically acclaimed recording and theatrical artists both in the U.S. and overseas. The Federal Bar, located in Los Angeles, was KFE’s first large scale gastropub and events complex; it has just opened a second location in Long Beach, CA. Bow & Truss, a Latin-­‐themed bistro, launched in 2012. The District Bar in Spokane, WA launched adjacent to the Knitting Factory concert house there in February 2013.

Have You Been To Church?

Rhianna in CHURCHRhianna does it.

So does Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry, Leny Kravitz, Steven Tyler, Diddy, Kanye and Kim.

They retreat to a 5,000 sq. ft. sanctuary, hidden by green vine, on one of the most trafficked streets in Los Angeles, Santa Monica Blvd., off the radar and without any outside view to the public. A buzz is required for entry.  Inside it is a warm refuge.

And there they find the divine…


CHURCHBoutique, hub to the serious shoppers and celebrities who want quality without having to walk into a Barney’s or Maxfield’s, opened to the public in Sept. 2009 as a  creative collaboration by Rodney Burns and David Malvaney, housing exclusive high-end, avant-garde fashion, accessories and jewelry collections from the best emergin designers around the globe. The environment showcases meticulously curated art, sculpture, antiquities and designs from emerging and established artists and designers, with the likes of a permanent installation wall by Retna.  It’s the biggest kept secret in West Hollywood…until now.


Hair Versus Harry Styles

Harry Styles

We still can’t decide what part of Harry Styles caught our attention first.  Was it just the British Invasion Boy Band Teen heartthrob hair mass?  Or was it his being spotted in a super cool Vintage Kiss Inspired Junk Food Tee ($38) outside a local restaurant that made us melt like butter? Bashful -and we love it!


Art & Fashion: Poetic Monday Mornings with Chanel



Our friend uber fashion film artist Trevor Undi is back.  This time he’s set us up with his newest film creation artfully showcasing the stunning elements of Karl Lagerfeld’s Métiers d’Art 2012/13 collection at Scotland’s Linlithgow Palace. Set against the poetic and emotionally haunting Retrograde from James Blake.

Kymera NYC