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The Model Critic Reviews: Step on Broadway

The Steps Repertory EnsembleSpecial Guest: Complexions Contemporary BalletSidra Bell Dance NYCThe Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic STEPPING IT UP! In a bright and varied evening of contemporary dance, Artistic Director, Bradley Shelver, bookended the evening, finishing... Continue Reading →

Rocky Broadway Is a “Knock-Out”- The Model Critic Reviews

 Reviewed by Carlos Stafford The Model Critic  POW!  The famous Rocky body shot is once again delivering its victorious hook--this time the well-known franchise brings its dazzle down from the big screen and onto the great white way.  Don't worry,... Continue Reading →

The Model Critic Is Back! Reviews for Ballet Inc. and San Francisco Ballet

Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic.Ballet Inc., An Evening with Ballet Inc.Aaron Atkins, Artistic DirectorTribeca Performing Arts Center .Aaron Atkins first full length evening of self-produced ballets was presented on October 25, downtown Tribeca. The company founded in 2012, appears to... Continue Reading →

The Model Critic Reviews Irina Dvorovenko’s Final Curtain in ABT’s Onegin

by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic . ABT is sadly loosing another great star: Irina Dvorovenko. Here is a dancer who is still so artistically superior to most dancers in every category, in her looks, art and intelligence, that it's a big disappointment to see her pack... Continue Reading →

The Model Critic Reviews: We Fall Down, We Get Up

Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic . RG Dance Projects is a newish modern dance company with impressive dancers, headed up by choreographer Ruben Graciani, himself a dancer who performed with Mark Morris from 1994 through 1999. Friday night, Graciani's group of... Continue Reading →

Edward Villella, The Boy Who Could Fly: Words on Dance

Words on Dance Edward Villella ' The Paley Center for Media, New York ' In Conversation with Crista Villella ' On March 11, 2013 this year, the Paley Center hosted a very special conversation between legendary dancer Edward Villella and... Continue Reading →

Picnic at The Roundabout Theatre Company: The Model Critic Reviews

Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic . Ah, there's a sunny feeling of freedom in the air as Hal Carter (Sebastian Stan) jumps hopefully from an arriving train, hobo style, into the small town goodness somewhere in Kansas, circa 1950.  Confident and brash, he... Continue Reading →

The Model Critic Reviews: Tarantella: Spider Dance at Theatre for the New City, New York

TARANTELLA: SPIDER DANCE Reviewed by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic . In popular culture the Tarantella is mostly associated with a high spirited, Italian folk dance performed at wedding celebrations, or perhaps more formally, in a character dance for ballet along with mazurkas, polkas, and other... Continue Reading →

The Model Critic Reviews: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD Roundabout Theatre Co. at Studio 54 'p' by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic ' Charles Dickens' novel, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," was the last work in his illustrious career.  Noted for his well-drawn, meticulous... Continue Reading →

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