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Bold New Chapter: Boombox Releases Album ‘Western Voodoo’

BoomBox released their newest offering, Western Voodoo, (created between 2017 and 2018) and it's gorgeous! "It’s BoomBox held to the light at a slightly different angle... The tracks on this album are quite vulnerable and exposed, with the hope that... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: John Tracy ‘Happy Ever After’

Casual Twitter chats are truly amazing. Not only did I discover some pretty fine music, but a wonderful person in John Tracy, who began by simply asking me, "What style of music do you enjoy most?" "My music is the... Continue Reading →

Last Night The Devil Learned My Name: ‘MoonDog Matinee’

If up until now you've been a fan of The Doors, Jack White, Creedence Clearwater Revival or Dr. Dog, then Reno-based soul/blues-infused rock quintet Moondog Matinee is a top music play for modern gritty Rock & Roll. Already taking their hometown of... Continue Reading →

‘Wake Up Clean with Will and the Won’ts

Today's emerging band to watch is the Americana blues-rock trio Will and the Won'ts who just released their acoustic video for their single Wake Up Clean. Wake Up Clean is a relatively self-explanatory song. I’ve often felt haunted by a lot... Continue Reading →

Stop Drop Robot: Cerebral Eviction Notice

For today's Music Monday feature we thought we needed to get your supremely hard core electronic rock band juices flowing! Hailing all the way from the UK, Stop Drop Robot (SDR) is already set to release a second EP this... Continue Reading →

‘Dull Days’ with the Sleepy HaHas — Not Really!

In case you missed it elsewhere, here's a recap of garage rock four-piece Sleepy Hahas! Back in February the band released their new single Dull Days, the first off of their upcoming debut LP Dull Days, out May 12th. The track... Continue Reading →

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