The Devil You Say

Pilar of Fire

Suicide Notes: In Their Own Words

Max & Elsa No Music No Children

The 7th Annual One-Man Show World Championships



Fuck You Jason or Medea

Hollywood and Broadway

The Snail


The Three Muskateers: Clowns with Swords

Thenardiers Inn: A Les Miserable Cabaret



The Hamlet Mobile

50 Shades of Shrew

Getting to Know You: An Experiment in Intimacy

Ray Bradbury’s Pilar of Fire

The Count of Monte Cristo

La Llorona

Nurses and Hypochondriacs

The Desperate Yogi

Orson Welles and Scatman Crothers in “A Hollywood Ending”

Late with Lance

Magnum Opus Theatre Presents: “The Yearbook”

Sleeping Around

A Very Modern Marriage

Murder Bear Blood Story

Zip Ties

King of Kong


The Poe Show

Coffee Tea or Me


On Tidy Endings

Dating: Adults Embracing Failure

Anna, in the Darkness

Four Clowns Presents the Halfwits Last Hurrah

A Very Modern Marriage

Sleeping Around

Coffee, Tea or Me