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Gia On The Move contains strictly opinion-based information. The content of the site is fact-checked to the best of our abilities but will, no doubt, contain errors of typing, spelling, intent, rumor, or presumption (as far as we know).

All the information provided on Gia On The Move is for entertainment purposes only. Gia On The Move does not provide specific medical, legal or other profession advice. From time to time, recommendations based on the review of products or events by the writers are made and should be viewed as opinions only.

Gia On The Move has never, does not, nor intends ever to collect or sell any of its viewers’ or commenters’ personal or contact information to another company in accordance with our own compliance rules and formal GDPR. Your information will not be put on spam lists. Gia On The Move is not responsible for the privacy practices of any submissions, visitors or site commenters.

Reserve Rights
Gia On The Move reserves the right to re-organize, change the focus of this site, to shut it down, sell it or to change the terms of use (go to a paid platform) at its own discretion.

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Gia On The Move neither sells advertising nor accepts remuneration of any sort including donation for any purpose regarding the business of Gia On The Move or any content or visitor commentary appearing on the website. Gia On The Move reserves the right to change this status at any time.

Letters to the Editor
Gia On The Move doesn’t accept them. Simple as that. However, a comment section is provided under each post. All comments are subject to approval by the editor.

Gia On The Move site is not directed to children although there are some recommendations for adults with regards to children. No part of this Site is designed to attract people under 13 years of age.

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