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Miss Saigon in Cinemas for Epic 25th Anniversary Event

gia on the move film theatreBoublil and Schönberg’s legendary musical, Miss Saigon is coming to select cinemas nationwide for a special one-night event on Thursday, September 22, in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Captured live in front of a sold-out audience at London’s Prince Edward Theatre, this epic love story tells the tragic tale of young bar girl Kim, orphaned by war, who falls in love with American GI Chris – but their lives are torn apart by the fall of Saigon.

gia on the move film theater

Eva Noblezada as Kim in Boublil and Schönberg’s legendary musical, Miss Saigon. Fathom Events, Universal Pictures and Picturehouse Entertainment.

This special event features a finale of epic proportions with appearances from the original cast, including Jonathan Pryce, Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman.



Hollywood Costume Designer Orry-Kelly and the ‘Women He’s Undressed’

Dear Orry,
Sorry I haven’t mentioned why I am writing to you. I don’t know how you will feel about this, but I have just finished making a Feature length Documentary about you. It has been nearly three years tracking your life. This has been frustrating, illuminating, tough and yes, FUN….. So I thank you for entering my life. ~Gillian Armstrong, filmmaker

Orry-Kelly worked on over three decades’ worth of classic films: Jezebel, 42nd Street, Casablanca, Oklahoma, Auntie Mame, Some Like It Hot, An American in Paris, Now, Voyager -and hundreds more.

He dressed cinema’s greatest icons, including Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyk, Rosalind Russell, Errol Flynn, and many more. Interviews featured include Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, Leonard Maltin, and costume designers Colleen Atwood, Anne Roth, Kym Barrett.

marilyn monroe gia on the move costume designOutspokenly gay at a time when Hollywood was deeply conservative, a lover of boxing and booze, a charming rebel with a biting wit, Australian born Orry-Kelly always lived a life of artistic and personal integrity.

His accounts of life behind the Hollywood golden curtain are legendary, and include his very close relationship with handsome British actor Archie Leach, who later changed his name to become Cary Grant, and entertaining stories of his powerful friendships with top actresses and Hollywood icons of the time, including Bettie Davis and Jack and Ann Warner.

WomenHesUndressed_KeyArt_FinalThe new documentary, released today, August 9, 2016 (on DVD / VOD,  iTunes, Vimeo On Demand, and WolfeOnDemand), WOMEN HE’S UNDRESSED traces the rise and fall and rise again of Orry-Kelly who was one of the most prolific, and spectacularly talented costume designers of Hollywood’s golden age: legendary three-time Academy Award winner.

Tracing his four-decade career (which included a very close, live-in relationship with a young Cary Grant) and dazzling creative relationships with a who’s who of Hollywood, this dishy and glamorous film – inspired by his recently published posthumous, long-lost memoir, discovered in a pillow case – unveils the secrets of one of Hollywood’s most singular and outspoken talents.

Veteran Australian filmmaker Gillian Armstrong (MY BRILLIANT CAREER) mixes recreations of Orry-Kelly’s life with testimonies from intimates, admirers, and Hollywood royalty to create an unforgettable portrait of one of Hollywood’s grand godfathers of glamour.

gia on the move film costume design

99 min * 2015 * Documentary * Colorgia on the move movies costume design

Director: Gillian Armstrong (Little Women, Mrs. Soffel, Oscar and Lucinda, My Brilliant Career, High Tide)
Screenwriter: Katherine Thomson
Producers: Gillian Armstrong and Damien Parer
Interviewees: Colleen Atwood, Kym Barrett, Scotty Bowers, Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, Leonard Maltin, Anne Roth, Catherine Martin
Distributed by: Wolfe Video

It’s Not Illegal to Audition For This Show!

gia on the moveJust in time for California’s recreational marijuana legalization initiative to heat up, The Marijuana Show, the first-ever reality show about investing in Cannabis, announces its first ever call for auditions in SoCal!

The show is on the hunt for the next marijuana millionaire, and Season Three is set to offer contestants up to $20 million!

Emerging AND established Ganjapreneurs with new business ideas or budding companies are invited to audition for season three of the critically acclaimed TV series.

Auditions will take place in San Diego on Sunday, Aug. 7 from 12-1 p.m. on the Southern California Cannabis Conference & Expo stage in front of producers.  

Any conference attendee over age 21 with a pitch is eligible to audition. Additionally, The Marijuana Show will host a conference (booth 527) .

All Cannabis companies seeking investment can register to audition for season three of The Marijuana Show in San Diego here:

Coined the “Shark Tank for Ganjapreneurs,” The Marijuana Show is an opportunity to receive guidance and capital for California’s next marijuana millionaire to get to the next level.

“After witnessing The Marijuana Show bring so much success to the businesses of season one and two, we could not wait to begin season three’s auditions,” co- creator Paull said. “Capping out at $20 million in investment capital, this season’s level of competition will far surpass those that came before and set a new bar for our contestants.”:

Additionally, The Marijuana Show will continue to leverage its relationship with the hundreds of cannabis businesses seeking funding by introducing High Finance Fund, a $50 million private equity fund set to launch in August 2016.


See You In San Diego!


King Lear is ‘Undaunted’ at LOFT Ensemble

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Movegia on the move theatre reviews king lear

“Nothing fools you better than the lie you tell yourself.”

Shakespeare’s 2nd greatest fool seemed somewhat absent in LOFT Ensemble’s current production of King Lear. And in fact, upon discussion and mild research, he was indeed a bit shaved from the play.

Actor Leon Mayne, whose personage fits an arguable description of the Fool as a young boy, delivered a demeanor that raposed somewhere in the middle of keen, entertaining wit and almost detached sulleness. He quite accurately in this production, is a mirror to the performance of actor Leon Russom in the title role.

Russom as Lear is guileless in his demonstration of a man realizing the quick deterioration of his own mind, standing by as if a voyeur to his own ‘play’.  He is not the vain, grand-gesturing king, who openly bullies his daughters Goneril and Regan, but a defeated man, once turned out by them. Lear is genuinely shocked.  His rage immediately becomes at one turn self-pity, at another spite, but most truly a man, a father, utterly lost and with much less determination to regain his status, and unable to grapple with his self-imposed circumstance.  Lear’s descent into madness is vividly self-observed.

The Fool is Lear’s conscience and the pathos of the play and very much our estimate of Lear depending on the view we take of him. Mayne’s somewhat introspective delivery of the Fool, sets up an ‘all Lear all the time’ energy for the audience and the rest of the ensemble cast, ‘checking’ Lear, stepping in as Lear’s caretaker now that Cordelia (played modernly naturalistic by Marissa Galloway) is absent, and moving the narration forward much less.

Two characters solve this dilemma however.  The absolutely large and driven performances of Mark Bramhall as Gloucester, and the fiery, undaunted tenor of Bruno Oliver as Kent who protect, serve and surround their king with fierce loyalty throughout the play, at great cost.

Additionally, Jon Tosetti as Albany and Bart Tangredi as Cornwall step up their performances somewhere in the middle adding punch and impact.

There are some sizzling moments in this production. The juxtaposition of Mike Mahaffey’s Edgar to Tor Jensen Brown’s Edmund is well-defined by both actors, as are the relationships by Lacy Altwine as Goneril and JoAnn Mendelson as Regan in their ambitious rivalry.

Slightly jarring is an inventive movement piece inserted into Lear’s wildest moments in the storm. A potential distraction, Russom overcomes any difficulties with focused,  ‘heavyweight’ gravitas.

Overall, LOFT Ensemble’s King Lear, directed by Bree Pavey is an aspiring, very (thankfully) fast-paced, purposeful production, topped by a dramatic finale. Recommended.

Fight choreography by Mike Mahaffey
Directed by Bree Pavey
With: Leon Russom, Leon Mayne, Mark Bramhall, Bruno Oliver, Lacy Altwine, JoAnn Mendelson, Marissa Galloway, Mike Mahaffey, Tor Jensen Brown, Bart Tangredi, Jon Tosetti, Matt Gorkis, Sondra Mayer, Daye Anne Hutton, Mikaela Moody, Daniel Joo, Jefferson, Marian Gonzalez and Chris Haas.

King Lear
Now Playing at LOFT Ensemble (new location)
For tickets and information visit:

Gia #HFF16 Reviews: From Como to Homo

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

gia on the move tracey paleo theatre reviews hollywood fringe festivalFrom Como To Homo takes a long time getting to the point. Yet, there is something in a simple story about a woman who traverses a lifetime of denial to finally meet the man of her dreams – herself.

Lynne Jassem has been a notable tapping and acting wonder since she was a Comoette (The Perry Como Show Live) darling of the early 1950’s television era and a tomboy always at odds with her extremely feminine mother, a spotlight stealing, former Rockette.  Throughout her life she’s had to deal with the conflict of maintaining her outward girliness while pushing down the powerhouse who keeps fighting to break free.

It’s not an easy journey no matter how light of it she makes throughout the vignettes of auditions and rehearsals, crushes, illness and college where she finally does come out against all odds including her mother’s regularly dramatic fainting spells.

In between, what we discover is that Jassem is a show-stopping tap sensation who, when she finally accepts herself and does let loose, soars.  In this outcome, From Como to Homo is a sincerely validating, triumphant experience.

Where the tapping is concerned however, we don’t get to see enough of it. And I personally wish we could.  When she ‘pulls out all the stops’ she’s wonderful! Maybe she’ll consider replacing a few of the extraneous story bits (of which there are many) for a little more of the dancing.

For tickets and more information visit:

Hollywood Fringe 2016 Is Here!

gia on the move hollywood fringe festivalOk, technically, they are in previews this week.  But as promised Gia On The Move will be making the rounds for the entire month of June.  Expect to see a few more theater reviews for the next couple of weeks.  We’ll be back to our ‘regularly scheduled programming’ in July!

Angelenos!  Join us this month in Hollywood for the largest and most organized theater festival that happens in Los Angeles.

Visit: for info.