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Hollywood Forever’s 19th Annual ‘Day of the Dead’ Announces Artist of the Year

Far away from the sterile, pseudo-sanctified realm of the art museum, Tino Rodriguez gained his first exposure to the art world in the Catholic churches of Mexico. In these mysterious, hushed interiors, images of saints and angels seduced him, the... Continue Reading →


Quick & Simple Holiday Shopping

Holiday crunch time is a drag. Go easy on yourself. Here are a few stylishly uncomplicated suggestions to get you started. Dad Brand Apparel Dads only want one thing right? Yes!  Simplicity! Make him first on your list this year... Continue Reading →

USA Among Most Expensive Countries Worldwide For Beauty

Latin America’s leading e-Commerce platform has released the 2017 Beauty Price Index, comparing the cost of several in-demand beauty products and services across 50 countries. The list was ranked by the sum of three categories - Beauty Services, Cosmetic... Continue Reading →

Isn’t She Lovely? Jus D’Amour

Summer is here and all you can think of is Romance!  Why not?  Sure...Summer sports, festivals, music and barbecues...but what about the simple things?  Holding hands, frolicking on the sand, sitting close on a park bench, or on a fuzzy... Continue Reading →

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