Kevin Hopps, Gia On The Move, Contributing WriterAlthough Kevin Hopps has a degree in journalism from CSUN (California State University: Northridge), he’s written mostly for television. He started as a staff writer on Norman Lear’s sit-com One Day at a Time (the original one) and then, after writing for at least a half dozen more sit-coms, he succeeded in breaking into the ultra-glamorous world of television animation.

He’s written on Disney’s Star Wars Rebels and Lion Guard, but he’s also written for Animaniacs, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Young Justice. In addition, he’s also story edited such shows as Darkwing Duck, Hercules, and Octonauts, as well as Robozuna, which airs on Netflix. Plus, he wrote the Hellboy animated movie Blood and Iron.

He’s still writing animation, but he’s also finally putting his journalism degree to use by writing theater reviews for Gia On The Move.

For more info, see Kevin’s IMBD page.