Reviewed by Elise Coopersmith

Step through the vinyl-padded doors of the Three Clubs Stage Room on Vine and enter the mesmerizing world of CHERRIES, RARE & FAIR: A QUEST FOR ORGASMIC RAINBOWS an original musical burlesque show brought to life by the imaginative minds of Suzie Bohannon and Gus Reeves. This production is a delightful fusion of Monty Python’s irreverence, the captivating allure of “Cabaret” and the infectious audience participation reminiscent of the  “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Prepare to be charmed by its mischievous grin and seduced into a realm populated by dragons, nymphos, and the most bewitching and tantalizing “Talking Tree Spirit”  ever to grace the stage. And whooo hooo…a kick ass LIVE band adds a thrilling energy to the experience.  Honestly, what more could one ask for?

In the program’s author’s note, Bohannon expresses her intention to create something entirely silly, joyous, euphoric, and immersive. True to her vision, the show delivers an abundance of laughter, entertainment, and sheer fun for all. So, come and join in the delicious and dazzling debauchery that unfolds in this exuberant musical extravaganza.

CHERRIES RARE AND FAIR: A QUEST FOR ORGANIC RAINBOWS promises an unforgettable experience, where inhibitions are shed and the audience is whisked away on a journey of whimsy and uninhibited revelry. Embrace the playful spirit of this enchanting production and let yourself be immersed in a world of pure entertainment.

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