Feeling dark in all the recent chaos? Tarah Who? wants to talk to you about it.

“LA-based, French-born project, Tarah Who? is “not a question that needs to be answered. Tarah Who? is a rising statement in the progressive punk/grunge scene” ~(Carl Lawrence Knauf)  

Central songwriter Tarah Carpenter pits thrashy drums and discordant guitars against an assault of anthemic vocals: a musical concoction that has defined Tarah Who?’s discography since her self-titled debut in 2006. Fast-forward a decade and a half later, Carpenter finally met with long-time social media friend, Laura Chevalier,  a French musician and actress, who has lent her skills to electro-rock bands Puss In Boots, Only for Disco, Dead Sexy Inc, Aloha Sun, Belair Polo Club, The videos, Aston Villa, to name a few.

During COVID lockdown Carpenter began working on new material and Chevalier joined for a collaboration, and Tarah Who?’s upcoming dark punk single “ROYAL KNIGHT”was born. Due December 2, 2022, an accompanying video shot partly in the streets of Paris and in a French castle (Château de Martreil), features many of Carpenter’s family members. Carpenter states, “The song is about the different states of mind of people during the lockdown. I wanted to do something different for this video and have different actors to illustrate what the song is about.”

The song below is one of the singles from the project’s forthcoming album, The Collaboration Project, due out April 28. 2023.

You don’t wanna miss it.

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