The Pier House. Photo credit. Catherine Dzilenski, Idlewild Photo Co

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The material quality of it all cannot be overlooked.  Paying homage to the Venice history of yore, The Pier House’s new transformation with its vintage-influenced design and semi-open-air seating nevertheless offers a breath of fresh air.  Even at the oceanside.

Having picked my way through littered streets and the general carnival of Washington Square, navigating in my bright yellow dress and stilettos, on grey pavement near the Pacific Teal, this last stop at the end of the road is a genuine seaside jewel.  Downright welcoming, the bar has definitive style, as does the exceptional staff.  The beach-inspired drinks are notably tempting and the provisions, including favs –  Peruvian scallops, panko-crusted pork, and house burger sliders – are delectable. The epitome of what used to be referred to as “California Casual”, The Pier House has amped the notion of ease with more than ordinary flair.

I loved the pastiche of the place immediately – colorful, noisy, friendly.  An evolved and fully transitioned seafood shack now featuring approachable classic menu items with a modern twist.  Come for the chic or come for the beautiful experience.  Either way, you’ll delight in all that this evolution has to offer.

3 Odd Things:

Will the renovation change the face of Washington Square?  Is it a sign of what’s to come?  Hopefully, not entirely. We kind of like the grit and imagine so do plenty of other peeps.

They say there’s something for everyone here.  Just maybe not if you’re sandy and stepping off the beach for a cheap beer, an appetizer, and slightly rowdier entertainment.  Affordable as it may be, it’s still somewhat pricey.

Parking.  Yikes.  Well, there’s some just not a lot.  Parking on the street is hit or miss. Public and private lots can range from $9 – $30.  So, cuddle up to your sneakers and rideshare if you live or are visiting in the area.  Otherwise, here’s some information on Venice Beach Parking access:

Venice Restaurant Group hosted a June 2022 media preview and cocktail party at their newly re-designed Pier House restaurant in Venice Beach. A mix of local editors (including myself), industry chefs, foodies, and tastemakers gathered to preview the new space, try new menu items, and dance to tunes by DJ Mark Chill. 

Handmade dishes by Executive Chef Jennifer Corona served included locally sourced ingredients: Thai Ceviche, Scallops with Habanero Garlic Confit, Hamachi with Bonito Flakes, Sirloin Sliders, Pork Katsu, and Seared Salmon. 

Crafted cocktails curated by Beverage Director, Jesse Smith, were also served to guests.  A few favorites of the evening were the Great Blue (Dos Hombres Mezcal, Xila Liqueur, Citrus, Thai Basil, Habanero), and the Come My Way (The Real Mccoy 3 Year Rum, Banana Liqueur, Campari, Strawberry, Citrus). I pretty much tried them all – sometimes all at once – which might be a staggering recommendation for liking anything.  I personally almost never drink.

Owner Mike Dobson, and President Kash Nepal, were on hand to greet guests.

Photo credits: Catherine Dzilenski, Idlewild Photo Co; Beverly Bond Public Relations, The Pier House, Gia On The Move

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