By Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

©Gia On The Move 2021

Playing to a sold-out house was already the “sweet spot” for THE GROUNDLINGS SNOW GLOBE HOLIDAY SHOW.  It just also happens to be “party-time…excellent!”

Directed by Chris Eckert, cast members Alex Bonifer, Lauren Burns, Michael Churven, Sam DeSurra, Ryan Gaul, Phyllis Katz, Chris Kleckner, Ashley Padilla, Emily Pendergast, Eliot Schwartz & Greg Worswick pull out the stops, booze, ghosts of sordid pasts, overenthusiastic parents, music and every other corny, tearjerker, 80s high school, Christmas/Hanukka cheer reference they could muster.  Supported by Musical Director, Benet Braun, on Guitar, Larry Treadwell, and on Drums, Greg Kanaga.  The night is on pointe and total fun!

Yup.  It was one of those shows where I found myself laughing out loud unabashedly, getting all the jokes and nuance (It sometimes pays to be the granny in the room, lol).  

The night does get long – 14 skits with titles that include, LET’S FIND LOVE, HUMAN TACO and CHRISTMAS stEVE, plus a traditional, audience led improv.  But no one, not even once, let the ball drop.  And Ho-Ho-Holy F*&^%!  They worked it! 


The annual Holiday Show will open on Friday, December 3 and run Fridays and Saturdays through December at their iconic Melrose Avenue location in Hollywood.

Tickets for SNOW GLOBE GROUNDLINGS shows are available for purchase on: 

Covid Vaccination cards are required for entry. Must wear a mask at all times.