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The holidays are here.  And so, begins the annual cycle of overindulgence in foods we know aren’t going to support our best self-care habits.  No matter how many articles we read or how many health commitments we make in good faith to ourselves for the rest of the year, the blinders are going on.  We’ll be ignoring all logic and reason when it comes to every single tempting treat that passes our eyes and lands in our mouths. 

Let’s face it, though.  Most Americans don’t need much of an excuse to binge on a regular basis.  Our National Holidays calendar alone is already filled with an over-abundance of celebratory food-based dates.  That combined with our ‘everything-always-in season’ grocery selections, and 24/7 saliva-stimulating advertising on TV, radio, and billboards, offers, coupons and circulars, you’d be hard pressed to find the will to put aside your favorite, scale-bending nibbles…As if the last two years weren’t challenging enough on our bodies.  

Staying at home during the extended COVID-19 shut-down was great for DIYing everything from gardening to baking – posting the proof of our newfound creativity on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.  Satiating anxiety and stress more than actual hunger combined with an egregious lack of exercise, our bodies began to show outward and inward signs of needing a rescue.

After months of quarantine and almost a year without access to an open gym, my own physical and emotional state took a serious hit.  All the stress, anxiety, and sluggishness just didn’t agree with me.  Mostly, it had a negative effect on my digestion.

So, this past summer,  when I was gifted a generous supply of NUCIFIC BIO-X4, a weight management probiotic, from the company’s publicist, asking me if I’d like to try it, I leaped at the opportunity to test this product for review.  

This product makes four specific claims.

  1. Manages Cravings.  It contains an edible succulent called Caralluma Fimbriata that belongs to the Asclepiadaceae (milkweed) family.  This herb grows wild across India and has traditionally been used to suppress appetite during times of famine.*  According to the NUCIFIC website it helps ease appetite and cravings – a major step toward achieving the body you want.
  2. Promotes Weight Management through a natural compound found in green tea called EGCG that has been shown in numerous studies to boost metabolism, which can help burn more fat.
  3. Promotes Smoother Digestion.  The three key enzymes in NUCIFIC BIO-X4  – Amylase, Lipase, and Bromelain – help break down the foods you eat, unlocking the nutrients in your food and easing digestive issues.  NUCIFIC BIO-X4 also contains 12 billion CFUs per serving, from 5 powerful Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains of probiotics which help ensure smoother, more comfortable digestion.
  4. Boosts Metabolism. The formula helps balance gut bacteria, which can affect your metabolism and energy levels.

My Personal Results

Three full bottles of 90 capsules each and 4 months later I can add serious credit to NUCIFIC’s claims.  I’ve had an excellent space of time to really assess this supplement’s quality.  And I have to say, my results are particularly good.  And as I regularly try new digestive products all the time, I’d say, it does what it says.  It really works.

For me, NUCIFIC BIO-X4 has been a gut blaster yielding steady and significant changes that have resulted in a positive effect on me inside and out: 

  • A flatter tummy. 
  • Less bloating. 
  • Digesting difficult foods that normally made me gassy.
    • Alas, with aging comes so many changes to the body internally and externally. Digestion for me was a big one.  NUCIFIC BIO-X4 definitely helped me get a handle on this issue.  Since the day I started taking it, I didn’t spend a single night feeling so full that I couldn’t sleep.  And I’ve woken up feeling very light.
  • Clear skin.
    • After about a month of taking the directed dose of 3 pills per day, one with each mean (in my case an evening snack), I began to notice a serious glow. The texture of my skin is smoother and I even got a handle on adult acne flare ups.  They pretty much don’t happen.
  • I was finally able to control my overeating and overindulgent snacking.
    • Call it what you want – miracle pill or excellent placebo – either way, repairing my digestive tract made me less hungry and quite satisfied with smaller meals.  Like, my body was finally utilizing all of the good nutrition I was deliberately putting into it.
  • I finally have a waist again.
    • With regular exercise of course, and some small adjustments to my diet the change happened rather quickly.  And as a woman who’s already gone through early menopause, this was a seriously celebratory moment.  (I mostly just didn’t eat sugar and simple carbs like rice, bread, pastas or cereals.  Instead I balanced out my protein to vegetable carb ratios with more leafy greens.  I eventually added some of the other things back into my diet occasionally just to test my body’s reaction.)
  • I’ve lost a few inches.  From head to toe, I’ve been able to gain back my normally svelte, athletic figure. Having been a professional dancer and competitive athlete my entire life, I know my body a lot more intimately than most people, especially those my age.  The benefits I gained couldn’t have happened without some sort of digestive assistance.

Based on all of this, I’m giving this product two thumbs up and would highly recommend that you start yourself on a 3-month supply.  One bottle isn’t ever enough to see real results testing anything on your body.  

This product is not cheap.  So, it might be well worth the investment to buy more than one bottle up front for the savings.  The company also seems to be running specials for bulk discount buys for new purchases on their website and standalone promo sites.  

  Here’s one special offer that I found during a recent search.



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