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I’ll just cut right to the chase on this one…

GIDEON AND THE BLUNDERSNORP – AN ADVENTURE MUSICAL is a hands-down Broadway-level script with a matching musical score that surpasses anything you would expect from a Fringe show.  As a live stream, it was phenomenal.  So, I can only imagine what it must be like sitting in the theater for this. It seriously needs a mainstage.

From the Creators of THE BULLY PROBLEM, this tremendous piece is filled with classic archetypes and exceptional story structure.  Every great tale needs pivotal moments and there are plenty of them in this well-rounded family-friendly, adventure, filled with beautiful sentiments and powerful yet playful “not impossible” themes that turn the knight in shining armor/damsel in distress cliffhanger slightly on its ear and handled perfectly by the ensemble cast.   

Everything about this piece is inventive and delightful from the use of simple props and the stage altogether, as well as a complimentary lighting scheme that all go a long way to mark out seamless transitions.  

Topped out by Troubie-style narration and occasional re-winds, it’s the “ride of your life” in this fast-moving, musical enterprise, making  GIDEON AND THE BLUNDERSNORP a most entertaining piece of theater and a definitive hit of the 2021 Hollywood Fringe.