The Scenario Studios 2-Month Pop-Up Has Opened Its Doors to the Public DTLA

Now for the first time Scenario Studios is open to the public

Tickets are available for $29 per person (children under 3 years old are free)

On Friday night, a crowd of over 150 social media influencers, some with well over 1M followers, gathered on the mysterious downstairs level of Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles to experience the VIP Grand Opening of The Scenario Studio. The experience gave guests the opportunity to take professional-looking photos using their own smartphone cameras on elaborate, full-size photo sets including professional lighting, props, and costumes to make every guest look incredible. The Scenario Studio staff went above and beyond to teach and train each guest in about a minute how to change a few key settings on their smartphone cameras before shooting on each photo set, to make their images look just like the professional photos that Scenario has been taking of A-List celebrities for the past 12 years.

Gia On The Move, The Scenario Studios, Downtown Los Angeles, pop up
Camouflage “Koi Pont” photoset

The influencers ranged from acting stars like Naomi Grossman from American Horror Story, to various musicians, YouTube personalities, Tik-Tok stars and of course numerous Instagrammers. Specific VIPs that attended the event included: Carson Lueders and Kaycee Rice, who dominated the “Classroom” photo set originally created by Scenario for Katy Perry’s birthday party. Amanda and Elke were head over heels on the interactive upside-down room. Kelsey Darragh channeled her inner goth that kept the others on their toes, and Brighton Rosie Sharbino slipped away, unseen into the camouflage “Koi Pont” photo set.

Co-founded by famed photographer and set designer, John Ganun, The Scenario Studio’s 2-month pop-up is an alluring playground for any social media or photography enthusiast. John and his staff thought through every detail, including special instructions for the best camera settings for each type of camera phone beside each set, and special marks on the floor to guide visitors on how to take the most scroll-stopping shots. The cutting edge LED lighting and exquisite photo sets did the rest.

In the past, the only guests fortunate enough to enjoy one of Scenario‘s photosets had to be invited by a celebrity or Fortune-500 company. Now, for the first time ever, the general public can experience not one, but eight different Scenario photo sets in one evening, and go home with their very own professional-looking pictures after visiting the Scenario Studio.

The pop-up will be open from September 7th to November 4th underneath Grand Central Market.




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