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New York-based artist, KYOSi‘s impassioned new EP Negative Space is “a powerfully defiant anthem for the underprivileged and voiceless…” (EARMILK)

Negative Space takes listeners on a journey through grief and anger by exploring themes ranging from class politics, race and gender issues, to the coercion of capitalism. The EP serves as a political commentary on the current administration and the injustices being faced nationwide.

The three-track release is a blend of ethereal pop, folk, and nods to jazz.

Born from a series of dreams, the name KYOSi represents a character fascinated by sound, math, symmetry, beauty, wonder and color.

KYOSi is the alias for multi-media artist, Dani DiCiaccio, who places value in the aesthetics and creativity of the visual arts. The artwork for the EP includes many symbolic images in an eclectic way that represent each track specifically, and are all unique from the standard, “cookie-cutter” artworks.

Gaining recognition for her genre-bending mix of pop, electronic, hip hop and Caribbean music. KYOSi‘s music blends live instruments, found sounds, pre-recorded audio, and electronics, topping off this mix with a trained and carefully crafted vocal style.


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