Force of Nature Productions…”What a rush!”

Feature by Matt Ritchey

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A “Rush” is an evening of theatre, written and rehearsed in a two to three-week-window and performed over a short weekend or series of weekends. It’s an event that Force of Nature Productions has put up several times now, the most recent being a Harry Potter themed evening called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Rush, and is not only a great showcase but a great way for people to try out new creative positions.

The idea originated when Sebastian Munoz, Executive Producer of Force of Nature Productions (affectionately called FONProds), had finished a run of a show and the theatre offered them a few more weekends. Unable to extend the current production because of cast issues, Munoz contacted a bunch of writers, directors, and actors, and had a new evening of one-acts up in six days. Quite the rush.

“With any Rush, you will see the perfect combination of energy, collaboration, fun and passion in the innovative spirit of Force Of Nature,” says Munoz. “There’s nothing quite like it.”

The shows are quite personalized. After a theme is chosen (past themes have included Christmas, Disney fairy tales, and the Seven Deadly Sins), writers and directors ask actors what they’ve always wanted to do – are you a singer, is there a type of role you’ve always wanted to play, etc. and the writers try to incorporate it. Never directed but always wanted to? Here’s your chance! New to acting? Hop on stage! And If you’re new to the game, there’s a great system of support to help and guide you.

Involvement in the Rushes isn’t just reserved for FONProds members – it’s open to all but it’s word of mouth, so seeing a FONProds show and sticking around to chat or getting on their email list is a great away to stay connected and see what’s happening.

The next theme is “Christmas” so keeps your eyes and ears open and once they announce, get to FONProds in a…

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