Hollywood Fringe. Reviewed by Matt Ritchey for Gia On The Move

Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

You hear “one-person show” and you get the image of someone using direct-address to talk to the audience about their story – coming to Los Angeles, their disease, whatever it is that their personal story might be. But then you get one-person shows like Pit of Goblins by Mitchell Bisschop and what you expect is happily out the window.

In last year’s I Can Hear You Now, Bisschop portrayed a variety of classic commercial characters in a Citizen Kane-esque piece of hilarity. In his follow-up, he uses the same technique of monologues as he portrays different characters (with video sections interspersed) to tell the story of a serial killer who has happened upon a pit in the middle of the forest which, according to him, is full of goblins who speak to him telepathically and tell him to bring them bodies. But they can’t be his own victims – they need to be killed specifically for the goblins. So this is making his workload very heavy.

At the same time, there’s a Sherriff who is busy trying to find out what’s happening with these disappearances in town while trying to calm the populace, enforcing a curfew, and possibly starting a career as a singer.

It’s funny, it’s tragic, it’s scary, and it goes a crazy way to give us the creative theme of “sometimes you have to kill your babies.” Not only is Bisschop a truly incredible writer and performer, but his video sections, while sometimes an assault to cover some costume changes, are professional and disturbing – and I mean that in the good way. Pit of Goblins is a blast and one can only imagine what comes next from Mitchell Bisschop – I’m betting on a trifecta of greatness.

Highly Recommended

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