INTERNAL at the Hollywood Fringe. Reviewed by Matt Ritchey for Gia On The Move

Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

Internal is the newest immersive piece from They Played Productions and it’s their strongest showing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival yet.

Walking down Vine in Hollywood at night on your own, many people are wary of their surroundings as their senses are heightened to the many possible dangers or sketchy scenarios one could find oneself in. But now imagine that voice in your head recalling the news stories of a possible disease breakout. And then, yes, you’re accosted by people – some strangers, some “old friends,” all while listening to the “voice in your head” through earbuds.

A nicely-conceived concept of being alone with one’s terrifying thoughts while being in public, it’s worth noting that not only is the show a unique experience, but you can tell that the production team is keeping their eyes on you… yes, to keep you on track, but also for safety. It’s an important and notably welcome aspect of the show that lets you relax and really experience being by yourself on Vine, to lower your guard just enough to feel what’s happening.

Introspective, creepy, fun, disturbing, thought-provoking…. I mean, talk about a truly immersive experience! Internal, especially if you let yourself really get into it, is an extremely well-produced nightmare scenario with the most terrifying monster imaginable – your own thoughts. An amazing concept executed perfectly! I loved not only the simplicity but how it fed into the true nightmares – what goes on in our heads.

Highly Recommended

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