Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

If ever a Fringe show were to be labeled unironically as “charming,” Bob Leggett’s Livin’ The Dream is the one. There are other adjectives as well, of course: fascinating, informative, inspiring… but “charming” is the blanket under which they all rest.

Gia On The Move, Matt Ritchey, theater reviews, Bob Leggett L.A. Music Critic, Hollywood Fringe FestivalBob has been covering the Hollywood Fringe Festival on his blog L.A. Music Critic Indie Voice since the start, but his road to writing and becoming a staple of the Festival has twists and turns aplenty. We’re treated to an evening of slideshows following Bob from the very beginning to present day, replete with military stories, Hollywood tales, drugs, travel, rock stars, hats, Ren Faires, and more.

Livin’ The Dream is a very simple evening of storytelling and it’s fascinating, funny, and yes, charming. Bob is just a great guy – this comes across on stage and is supported by his stories and the barrage of accompanying photos. Studio/Stage is a great location for this, with the slideshows really playing a part of the production rather than just an afterthought or something gimmicky.

It’s not only a fascinating journey, but a great new way to see someone who you might have thought you knew, but realize you’ve only scratched the surface of their story. Head over let Bob show you what lies a little deeper.


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