By Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

You know a show is special when you’re sitting in the seat watching and listening to all that’s being created for you on stage, and a feeling of excitement washes over you like an epiphanic revelation. The excitement of a tight script, star talent, comedy perfectly delivered and basically every element gelling together in a way that makes your head explode from the intelligence of it all. That’s 45 Milligrams.

An absurdist dark comedy about two roommates in a mental institution complaining to their doctor about an imaginary man, what is truly brilliant is that in only 33 minutes, 45 Milligrams not only has managed to tell a nuanced and entertaining story, there is the cherry of an added surprise that is definitely difficult to come by in theatrical writing and performance.

Really, really great writing by Ian Kaye.  Absolutely stupendous choreography by Tavi Stutz and cast performances by David Haverty, Ian Kaye, Nikki Mueller, Jason Rosario, and Kelley Pierre.  45 Milligrams is a perfect storm of short storytelling and a must-see at Hollywood Fringe 2019.

Very Highly Recommended

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