Looking for eco-friendly and vegan gift options this year?  Seattle based, upcycler/recycler, Alchemy Goods, is offering limited edition urban products that are stylish to gift and also help save the environment.

Alchemy Goods is dedicated to making bags and accessories that are incredibly durable and come from repurposed, abandoned, pre-consumed, post-consumer materials like bicycle inner tubes, advertising banners or dead stock denim. With a practical and sleek approach, the brand employs as much used material as possible to develop stylish, eco-friendly bags and accessories that are locally product sourced, free of PVC and safe under FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Guidelines.

The benefits of upcycling include: saving resources, saving energy and saving landfill space. When you buy an upcycled product made from discarded materials, you are directly offsetting the water and energy needed to make new materials from scratch to produce the same product – thus, you are helping conserve resources. Buying upcycled products conserve water and air and contribute to the change needed to close the loop on waste.

and…she’ll/he’ll love you for all of it!

Made in USA