Bold New Chapter: Boombox Releases Album ‘Western Voodoo’

BoomBox released their newest offering, Western Voodoo, (created between 2017 and 2018) and it’s gorgeous!

“It’s BoomBox held to the light at a slightly different angle… The tracks on this album are quite vulnerable and exposed, with the hope that they are felt as much as they are heard.” says founder, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Zion Godchaux.

Western Voodoo is poised to be the brightest and boldest chapter yet for Godchaux. “Our best side is somewhat medicinal. All of the rhythms, melodies, and frequencies add up to these healing properties. I hope people feel rejuvenated and re-focused on some level when they hear us. That’s Western Voodoo.”

Western Voodoo Track Listing:
1. Castles
2. I Trouble
3. Looking For A Sign
4. Let Me In Let Me Out
5. Selling Fun
6. Restless Too
7. Light Of Mind
8. Easy Operator
9. Up Till Now
10. Rikki Tikki Two Time

About Boombox
Since first emerging in 2004, founder, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Zion Rock Godchaux has been quietly seasoning this simmering recipe to perfection. However, it reaches a boiling point on his forthcoming 2018 fifth album, Western Voodoo. Frontman Zion Godchaux comments, “I’ve learned more about engineering and the technical aspects of recording. [This last year has] been a time of soul searching. I can follow any Ideas that I want to. So there’s a lot more organic instrumentation. I’m just trying to develop more sonic real.” He dubs the sound of Western Voodoo, “Dirty Disco Blues,” a fusion of funky strut with electronic energy and danceable swagger powerful enough to cast a spell of its own.

“You hear about different forms of magic around the world,” he goes on. “The West, in general, has its own voodooinfluenced by the blues. That’s what shaped me as a musician growing up in this country. It’s hard to put in the words, but you know it when you hear it.”

“I remain open to anything you would hear coming out of a boombox,” he explains. “There are a lot of different vibes and angles, but it still adheres to a universal rhythm. This new record is the most musical and varied, yet it’s tightly wound in respect to that syncopation. Overall, I’ve further developed the sound people are used to.”

Boombox Tour Dates 

10/26 | Haunted Peaks Fest | Bozeman, MT
12/21 | The Fillmore | Denver, CO
12/31 | Music Box Theatre | San Diego, CA
1/2 | Teragram Ballroom | Los Angeles, CA
1/3 | The Crystal Bay Club | Crystal Bay, NV
1/4 – 1/5 | The Independent | San Francisco, CA
1/9 | Humboldt Brews | Arcata, CA
1/10 | Hifi Music Hall | Eugene, OR
1/11 | Wonder Ballroom | Portland, OR
1/12 | The Crocodile | Seattle, WA
1/13 | Wild Buffalo | Bellingham, WA

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