Sacred Fools Opens a Vortex of Comedy With the Debut of ‘The League of Fools’

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Sacred Fools Theater Company is adding another ongoing show to its jam-packed calendar with The League of Fools, kicking off this Thursday, October 11 at 9:00pm in the Broadwater Black Box Theater. (Tickets $10).

Leave your sensibilities at the door, detach your sense of irony before entering, because it is the sacred mission of The League of Fools to bring you a unique comedy experience twice a month that will leave you gasping for breath and demanding more.

Creators and Hosts Peter Fluet (author of this season’s mainstage closer Tangerine Sunset, as well as the Hollywood Fringe Festival hit Lamprey) and Lauren Van Kurin (director of last year’s hit The Art Couple and co-author of King of Kong: A Musical Parody) bring to the Sacred Fools stage a journey into an eclectic world of comedy.

Anchored by two of Los Angeles’ best improv teams HeyDay and MAX, The League of Fools is on the hunt for the best and most brazen comedy acts they can find: music, stand up, sketch, dance, magic, all forms of the foolish and funny are welcomed by The League of Fools in this 90-minute extravaganza of irreverence.

About HeyDay and MAX
Coming to Sacred Fools from the world of improv, these two teams will be performing on the same bill with new acts for each installment. HeyDay includes Fluet, alongside Chris Alvarado, Brandon Barrick, Matt Cavedon, Amanda Blake Davis, Molly Erdman, Zach Huddelston and Jaime Moyer. MAX includes Van Kurin, alongside Marina Mastros, Frank Moran, Dean Sharpe, Dustin Sterling, Dan Torson and Justin Uretz. Fun Fact: HEYDAY’s members have last names that begin with letters in the front half of the alphabet, while MAX’s members have last names from the latter half, overlapping only with the letter M. Coincidence?

Guest Performers for October 11
For the first installment of League of Fools, HeyDay and MAX will be joined by guest performers Avalon Penrose, plus Ari Radousky and his Five-Minute Quiz. Penrose does music and comedy, but most of all she is a storyteller. No subject is too personal for her to sing about, and by the end of each song you are going to know more about Avalon than you probably ever needed to know. You will laugh, you will cry, and you may feel slightly uncomfortable, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the Avalon Penrose experience. Radousky is an actor, writer, and producer, best known for the Five Minute Quiz. He is a member of Sacred Fools and the co-host of Tell Me A Story – A Competitive History Podcast.

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