Short+Sweet is the world’s biggest little festival, presenting short worksfor stage, film and dance in thirty cities across nine countries. The closing weekend of the Short+Sweet Hollywood festival will present the crème de la crème as the finalists compete for festival honors.

Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
People’s Choice Semifinalist short plays (audience favorites)

Surprise. Written by Mark Harvey Levine. Directed by Luis Goyanes. Cast. Loren Lillian, Nathan Ondracek & Ryan Walsh. Peter is a psychic, but only two minutes ahead.

Avocado Toast
Written and Directed by Ken Levine. Cast. Sasha Venn, Hunter Paul. A young couple dine in the trendiest new hot spot in town – a restaurant where every table has its own audience. Since Millennials feel they star in their own reality show, here they actually do. It’s an interactive satire on trends, modern relationships, and avocado toast.

Written and directed by Lili Gorett. Cast: Sophie Meister, Whitney Bowers, Elena Rojas, Kiara Beltran, Estefania Martt, Mar Amezcua, Noe de la Rosa, Yadira Pascult, Marco Garcia, Roberto Arrizon, Juliana Sdenz, Valentina Latyna.. Sensory and interactive experience that envelops the spectator 360 degrees. You are the protagonist of the story Immersed is a fourth dimension Theatrical concept, leading you to feel the story in the first person where you are the protagonist, creating a unique experience for the audience / participant.

Carl Flunt Would Protect You from Trucks
Written by Scott Mullen. Directed by Emily Claeys. Cast: Carrie Poyer, Jenn O’Brien, Mary Carrig, Kerry Sullivan. A young woman is visited by herself from the future, who has come back to warn her about a laundry list of regrettable decisions.

Asking for It
Written by Renee Boyer. Directed by Megan Frances. Cast: Jared Scott, Charlotte Louise Spencer, Keena Ryan and Cody John. Rav and Katie had a good time at a party, but then she stole his phone. Or did he give it to her? Consent can be a tricky concept…

Written by Judith Duncan. Directed by Phil Biedron. Cast: Danielle Kay and Scott Alin. A teenage girl struggles to gain accountability from the man with whom she has spent the night.

Written by Ben Russell and Soda Persi. Directed by Marisa O’Brien. Cast: Ben Russell and Soda Persi. This is what happens after a boy meets a woman, and before happily ever after. Inner monologues about two people that like each other but with a big age difference.

Thursday, October 18 at 8:45.
People’s Choice Latino- Short plays by Latino playwrights (audience favorites):

El Bulto
Written by Mario Barra & Magaly Castellanos. Directed by Magaly Castellanos.Cast. Adriana Becerril, Jonathan Lev, Mario Barra, Rado Lazic, Valentina Olarte & Jim Francis. An unexpected death has left a group of immigrants with a big problem. How will they decide to solve it?

El Amor no Tiene Edad
Written by Angelo Medina & Pili Samayoa. Adapted and Directed by Salvador Casado. Cast. Salvador Casado & Blanca Soto. Two elderly people book a hotel room to have a sexual encounter but it won’t be that easy.

Friday, October 19 at 7:00 p.m.
Crew Cut Semifinalist short plays (juried selections):

Stick and Move
Written by Greg Lam. Directed by John Fingal O’Donnell. Cast. Wayne Nickel. When you’re out on a first date, it’s always good to have someone in your corner.

Romeo and Rosaline
Written by Matthew Wells. Directed by Deb Foster. Cast. Nicolette Acosta, Robert Aldredge, RoShawn Briscoe, Adam Dorsey, Emma Friedman, Ian Schuelke. Story of Romeo and Juliet from another point of view.

Written by Barry Wood. Directed by David Harper. Cast. Shae Wilson & Tee Jay Thomas. When a customer wanders into a new shop, she is given the opportunity to go back in time. But when she gets there, she’s suddenly in a desperate race to stay just five minutes ahead of herself.

The Snow Angel of Antarctica
Written by Victoria Connerty. Directed by Allison Lind.Cast. Taryn Schubert & Jon Owens. After a year of travelling the world, Ellie has reached Antarctica with her brother, Jimmy. Despite the ever-present threat of psychotic penguins, the never-present threat of angry polar bears and the small matter of the human ashes she’s smuggling in her hand luggage, Ellie isn’t ready to leave. But Jimmy thinks it’s time for them to return home. A tale with a twist about Scrabble, sibling rivalry and snow angels.

Written by Sophie Galibert and Arthur Cohen. Directed by Sophie Galibert. Produced by Arthur Cohen. Cast. Chandler Ryan & Melanie Imani. Cherry opens on two best friends playfully revisiting old memories and ends with them tearing each other apart. In a mere ten minutes it is the whimsical innocence of childhood that comes crashing against the concrete reality of the present. Beyond the question of abortion, it is a bond of sisterhood that is at stake, a bond that is both a blessing and a curse, because who better than one’s best friend to use the key to one’s pain?

The Last Radio Show
Written by John Longhurst. Directed by Dudley Levell. Cast. Gina Cohen, Jack Douglas, Steven Tait, Mark Longhurst. Take a third radio show, a second rate murder mystery and a first rate show wrecker…that spells mayhem and hilarity!

Friday, October 19 at 8:15 p.m.
Crew Cut Latino (juried selections of Latino playwrights:

Al Final Todo el Mundo Muere
Written by Xavi Morató. Directed by Moses Norton & Sebastian Garcia. Produced by Miriama. Cast: Elena Rojas Garcia, Mick Garcia & Jared Grange. An interview in a police station with a woman that insists that she could travel through time.

La Bestia
Written by Juan Frendsa. Directed by Alberto Zeni. Cast. Virginia Novello, Mario Corona & Antonio Zamudio. An exploration of what happens in La Bestia, one of the most known trains, because it brings so many illegal immigrants from South America to the USA.

Saturday, October 20 at 5:00 p.m.
Gala Finalist short plays:

Slow Dating
Written by Adam Szudrich. Directed by Katie Burson. Cast. Julie Collis. When an elderly lady tries speed dating it leads to a night with a charming stranger and a heartbreaking revelation about her husband. A one woman show which explores the beauty of holding on and the vulnerability in letting go.

The Perfect Man
Written by Blanca Bardagil. Directed by Sergi Cervera. Cast. Hayley McCarthy & Sergi Cervera. A woman receives a new robot at home…he is the perfect man.

Got You
Written by Kel Vance. Directed by David McKay. Cast. Bevin Bru & Kaitlin Large. After receiving bad news a woman turns to her best mate to find a way to defraud an insurance company hoping to obtain the money needed for a life and death situation.

Moral Luck & Ralph & Dent
Written by Don O. Knowlton. Directed by Fred Dekker. Cast. Don O. Knowlton & Ryan Rowe. When two middle-aged white guys realize no one is listening any more, what are they to do?

Have you ever done this before?
Written by Mashka Wolfe. Directed by Bronwyn L. Watson. Cast. Lee Margaret Hanson, Julia Finch, Pedro Shanahan. Two women meet in a seedy hotel room for a romantic tryst but are rudely interrupted. A short play about women, men, sex workers, and the entertainment industry. In the era of #MeToo we have to ask ourselves. “Have you ever done this before?”. We have to ask it over and over again.

Saturday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m.
Gala Finalist Latino short plays by Latino playwrights:

El Marijuano
Written by Andrew Cervantes. Directed by Ashley Karp. Cast. Giovanni Navarro & Rene D’Nava. Two great friends are saying goodbye for the last time.

La Nada
Written and Directed by Gisela Arnao. Cast. Laura Marstucelli & Andres Requena. It seems we control our lives, but one day, suddenly, everything changes. We are in a new place that we don’t recognize, with someone we’ve never seen before. Uncertainty lurks.

The Saturday programs repeat on Sunday at 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. (The Latino plays will be at 7:00). More plays may be selected from the Semifinalists to participate in the Gala Finals programs.

Tickets for each program are $20 each, and may be purchased online or at the door. Reserve online to ensure seating.

All events take place at Marilyn Monroe Theatre, in the Lee Strasberg Creative Center, 7936 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Short+Sweet Hollywood is a great opportunity to see the best new short plays at an affordable ticket price.

Festival Director is Christian Rodrigo. Founding Executive Director is Mark Cleary.