LOFT Ensemble Announces 7th Season of Complete Programming

Loft Ensemble Now or Neverland

For their 7th Season, Loft Ensemble is proud to present a diverse collection of plays including two world premieres, a west coast premiere, a classical piece and two known works.

Loft Ensemble Theater
LOFT Ensemble Season

According to Literary Manager Stephanie Jones, “Loft has always tried to give new writers a place to grow and be supported by an entire company of people wanting to see them succeed. We are also deeply committed to supporting diversity and equality in our selections.”

Founded in 2008 by Geoffrey Hillback, Adam Chambers and Emmy Award nominated actor Cameron Britton (Mindhunter) among others, Loft began curating full season programming in 2012 at its original space in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles.

Now in its second year at a new, fully remodeled space in Sherman Oaks, Loft continues to provide award-winning theatre and performance art to audiences of all ages. At nearly 65 members (both resident performers and interns), Loft stays focused on intimate theatre communicating messages of social responsibility and change, while fully exploring what is at the heart of making intimate theatre.

Loft Ensemble also produces ongoing monthly shows under their Dark Night Series brand. Dark Night shows occur every Thursday and include items focused on poetry, spoken word and narrative storytelling, song & dance, stage combat, stand up comedy and short plays.

Artistic Director Adam Chambers says, “We’ve always wanted Loft to be a special pace where artists can try anything. Whether they’re experienced or seasoned, we want our members to be inspired by their work and to take chances in hopes that we will help each other reach our full potential.”

Managing Director Bree Pavey adds, “What we do at Loft is unique. We’re deeply focused on characters and relationships, and try not to get distracted by over-the-top design or production elements. Often what we do is fairly simple from a technical standpoint, because we want the audience to pay attention to the actors’ thoughts and impulses. And it has been our experience that our patrons get as invested in the experience as are we.”

Loft Ensemble’s 7th Season includes:

Aug 18 – Sep 23, 2018
The Lady Demands Satisfaction
West Coast Premiere
Written by Arthur M. Jolly
Directed by Danielle Ozymandias
Fight Direction by JoAnn Mendelson & Marc Leclerc

The year is 1766 and Trothe stands to lose her home in Pepperston Hall following the unexpected death of her father. Aided by her Aunt, Duchess Theodosia, a German, and a merry band of imposters, swords will swing as mayhem and hilarity pave the way for Trothe to discover that she just might be able to save herself.

Oct 6 – Nov 18, 2018
World Premiere
Written and Directed by Bree Pavey
Choreography by CJ Merriman

Step right up! Step right up! Enter the twisted Circus of the mind. Nothing is as it seems under the big top. If you become part of the act, will you be able to tell what is real and what is an illusion? Enter at your own risk.

Dec 1 -Jan 20, 2019 (holiday split)
To All The Lights in the Windows
World Premiere
Written by Chris Haas
Directed by Mitch Rosander

The inmates are running the asylum. At this Philadelphia mental institution, it’s hard to tell who’s insane, who’s faking it, and who’s just crazy in love. This side-splitting world premiere comedy, erases boundaries and explores what happens when people say what they’re really thinking 100% of the time.

Feb 2 – Mar 17, 2019
Blues For Mister Charle
Written by James Baldwin
Directed by Tor Brown

Richard Henry, a black man, returns to the southern town of his birth to recover from drug addiction and begin a new life. Lyle Britten, a white bigot who kills him for “not knowing his place,” is acquitted by an all white jury. Racism scars both black and white members of the community who attempt to intervene. This tragedy by James Baldwin is loosely based on the murder Emmett’s Till before the advent of the Civil Rights Movement.

March 30 – May 12, 2019
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Adam Chambers and Bree Pavey

Starring Bree Pavey as Macbeth

Throughout history women have, with the full knowledge and support of their families, posed as men in pursuit of military achievement. This new take on the classic story of the rise of the King of Scotland, examines the sacrifices and consequences women face in their quest for power and recognition.

June 2 – Jul 15, 2019
Wait Until Dark
Written by Frederick Knott
Directed by Kenneth Rodgers

Starring Marissa Galloway as Susy

A blind Greenwich Village housewife becomes the target of three dangerous men searching for heroin hidden in a doll her husband unwittingly transported from Canada. In this suspenseful thriller, she will learn that her supposed weakness is actually the source of her greatest strength.

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