by Bob Rich

The Color Collective is a variety show full of high-energy sketch comedy. Similar to series like In Living Color and Mad TV, The Color Collective features humorous, light-hearted vignettes.

A few ladies swoon enthusiastically over a rather bookish regular guy. Later, three other women go dancing at a club, and one of them unfurls a gigantic flexible light reflector from her pocket, to illuminate them all. Three guys make audaciously macho advances at neighborhood women, and, after each flirtation, the guys loudly chant they are a: “real man!” Three singers portray the R&B trio Bell Biv DeVoe, joined by a heavy-metal singer named Gunther who looks like a member of the band Kiss. Each time Bell Biv DeVoe come to the chorus, “That girl is…,” Gunther boisterously chimes in with: “Poison!” while stumbling around the stage in a melodramatic display of angst and high drama.

Focused on the comedic talents of the cast, this minimal props show is interspersed with singing and dancing performances. The whole cast is committed and enthusiastic, giving it their all.

A word of caution about occasional adult humor and an opening bit with some religious irreverence.