by Matt Ritchey

There’s a lot of immersive storytelling in Fringe this year, but only one offers (and even succeeds!) in giving you the answers to all of your questions.

They Played Productions’ God, The Apologies Tour is a fun hour of connecting with the Almighty – in any of the four forms he has chosen to appear to you. Want to chat different versions (read: personalities) of the Creator? You can have up to three! But you’ll never be able to get insight into them all…… unless you’re into repeat viewing.

Studio/Stage is a great location, employing more than the stage in this immersive work and the actors are committed to their roles in guiding and answering your questions about really, anything. And every once in a while, you’ll get an answer that will make you stop and think…

“Wait… this is just a cute show… did I just really get some deep insightful worldview gifted to me?”

Yes. You probably did.