by Matt Ritchey

Myrtle’s stopped moaning and now she’s MOVIN’! To Hollywood, that is!

Maddie Patrick’s never-dropped, spot-on impression of Hogwarts’s favorite ghost is a delight in From Toilet To Tinseltown, a one-ghost show. Chronicling her expulsion from the Hogwarts ladies room to the back alleys of Hollywood and Vegas, Myrtle regales us in stories of misery, pain, and other typical audition scenarios.

From the moment she floats on stage (in a brilliant staging device), Patrick has us hooked into the character, world, and story. The show is delightfully funny, though it does occasionally dip into predictable pop culture territory rather than adding extra time “fleshing out” the character. But this is a minor quibble(r).

The performance is laugh-out-loud funny, Patrick is adorable and could easily fill the role of Myrtle in a new official Harry Potter movie. Be sure to see her before she sells out her stand-up show in Vegas!