by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Relationships are relentless.

Hollywood Fringe Festival, Gia On The MoveFor all of the initial excitement, there are so many things about them that are awkward and just plain crap. And if we really take them apart, there’s a certain kind of insanity about sharing any part of your life with a complete stranger.

But really, when it comes down to it, loving someone and being loved in return is the only thing in life worth while. Discovering a person over and over and over again through all of their good and terrible parts; meeting again, at the little nook you’ve carved out for one another, every morning, as if for the very first time.

Met Again, takes a look at the entirety of a unique but familiar relationship, from beginning to end, and how those big and small moments, connections, talks, fights, celebrations and experiences all come to mean something more.

It’s a sweet story, complicated, silly, heartbreaking and wonderful. Four actors play out a lifetime of relationship dramas and mishaps, while exposing the bare emotions of beautiful, awful, poignant, intimacy.  You won’t want to miss a moment.