by Matt Ritchey

Hollywood Fringe Festival, Gia On The MoveIf you are of a certain age, you might remember Double Dare – it was a kid’s game show on Nickelodeon which featured an upbeat host asking trivia questions and offering physical challenges to the contestants. It was great.

And the spirit of that great show is BACK in a terrific new game show Buzz’d Out! Live playing LIVE at the Hollywood Fringe this year! Ben Benjamins is the perfect host for this show, his energy so high and his suits so loud that he’s probably supplying power for the lights at Studio/Stage.

Buzz’d Out! Live asks general information questions to the contestants, but…they must complete a physical challenge to buzz in! And yes, you can be a contestant when you arrive for the show – and yes, they do have a game outfit for you so you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes messy – you can focus on getting as messy as possible by biting chocolate-covered bagels off a clothesline or carrying marshmallows from a plate to a cup on the other side of the stage using only a straw and your own suction ability!

And prizes! They got ‘em! Tickets to more Fringe, and on one evening, even a flatscreen TV! (….. there’s an appropriately zany catch to the flatscreen, however. It may or may not actually work.)

With a fun premise, great crowd energy, and beyond enthusiastic crew (and great sound cues!), Buzz’d Out! Live is the real deal. Check it out!!

Highly Recommended