by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

A raucous, lightly interactive musical opening welcomes theater-goers before the comedic, and oh, so, (YES!), awesomely abbreviated version of the Scottish play whose name no one has a problem uttering in-house, over and over again.

Truly, The Spirit of Fringe, and urban mack-daddy style, Mackers has been painstakingly cut by director Rose Bochner, to essentially only the funny stuff while honoring the dramaturgy, for a Shakespeare iambic pentameter on mushrooms experience.

A teen with disdain for his dad; a dad in desperate need of approval from his son; a saucy Lady M. who has to constantly manage Macbeth’s spontaneous guilt and expectations; randy witches (like…the weirdest sisters ever); a Hecate drag show; papier-mâché and blatantly gratuitous semi-nudity, overt sexual one-liners, rock bands and a thoroughly mad troupe of singers and clowns, Mackers puts the fun back into folly.

They advise you to get drunk before the show. We second that notion.  Either way, you’ll have fun. Even anti-Shakespeare-ists have a shot at finally enjoying classical theater with this production.

Macbeth but funny!

Very Highly Recommended