HFF18 ‘Easy Targets – Artists and Heroes’, reviewed

Hollywood Fringe Festival

Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

The Burglars of Hamm are geniuses.

Easy Targets is a show with a simple, amazing premise: audiences are forced to watch four short hysterically awful one-person shows, but are given balled-up socks and are allowed to pelt the actors with them. The catharsis is unbelievable. But the performances, writing and directing in all of the pieces are so smart and funny that the sock barrage is far from a “ten-minute hate” – it’s more of a bonding experience.

From the classic “one person show about me as an ACTOR” performed by Selina Merrill to a cringe-worthy evening of history with Abraham Lincoln (Eric Curtis Johnson) to Tracey Leigh’s amazing spoken word magic and Hugo Armstrong’s lonely, existential spaceman doomed to crap in zero gravity, the attention to style and trope was spot-on. The audience roared with laughter and pelted with footwear. (They do take short breaks in between shows to let you purchase new socks. Please see first sentence in this review.)

This will sell out quickly, so get in early for a Fringe masterpiece.

Highly Recommended


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