by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Can I get an AMEN?!

A high-energy, self-love, comedic re-awakening The Reverend JEAU’s Revival invites you, the chosen few, into the Rev’s inner sanctum, for the price tag of only $10,000. And it’s a bargain.

Reverend JEAU’s (aka Josh Raph) 65-minute, wildly deluded, hip hop evangelism is thoroughly Rap-tastic!

Excessively intense from start to finish, the revival explores power, drugs, marketing, unavailable sex workers and mango scented lubricants, as The Reverend takes you through his fall from grace as a high powered executive in New York City to his perilous treks along the Appalachian Trail on his road to redemption.

Guided by former frenemy and most dedicated acolyte (aka Kwasi Leibel) on organ and backup rap, The Reverend JEAU’s Revival only falls down in that we wish there would have been more bling and glitter to accompany all the fabulous psychopathy, mic strokes, wardrobe changes and photo ops.

Complimentary orgasm bags included.  You will be ‘satisfied’.