HFF18 Moose & Darlene’s Cosmic Do-Over

Hollywood Fringe Festival

by Bob Rich

In the comedy production Moose & Darlene’s Cosmic Do-Over, we witness the main character Moose, a friendly everyman, getting whisked off into a time-traveling adventure when he meets the mysterious Darlene.

Moose and Darlene visit a medley of eras in history to stop calamitous climate changes and to reflect on the consequences of people’s actions on the future. The acting is spirited and full of conviction. The play explores serious topics, but the writing and performances have a light touch.

Whenever Moose and Darlene travel through time, a big screen at the back of the stage displays a burst of white lines, just like in Star Wars when the Millennium Falcon jumps to light speed. Giant skeletal structures are situated on-stage, consisting of frameworks of horizontal and vertical bars, to add to the science fiction atmosphere.

After the production concluded, I spoke with the show’s producer/writer/director Curtis Krick. I mentioned Terry Gilliam’s dystopian comedy sci-fi film Brazil, and Curtis agreed that Brazil’s bleak but humorous storytelling was an influence on his play. Curtis’s play challenges us, in a fun way, to think about the cause-and-effect of our actions on other people.

Highly Recommended


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