by Bob Rich

In her humorous, thought-provoking one-woman show Balls’ON, at The Broadwater, Katt Balsan takes us on an international trip from France to America. Along the way, she performs an astonishing 25 different characters for us. During the amazing journey, as Katt takes on these different personas, she provides humorous insights into a variety of philosophical topics. She reflects on why women might like bad boys versus nice guys. She touches on taxes and health care. She speaks about French culture and then dances the can-can. Her production is amusing, engaging and insightful.

After the show, Katt told me about her hopes for the show, explaining she wants everyone to have a good time on the rollercoaster ride she provides. Her goal is to touch on various serious topics in a funny way, so the audience can be comfortable enough to enjoy the production. The staging of Katt’s show puts the full attention on her, since she only uses a few props, such as her wardrobe as a dancer. Katt might perform 25 characters for us, but I definitely believe the personality we should admire the most is her own. She is a vibrant, talented entertainer.