by Matt Ritchey

I hope you’ve prepared for your lesson… in fear.

The Study, created by Jared Tyrel Pixler and David Evan Stolworthy, the team behind The Video Games, is a new interactive theatre piece playing at the Flight Theatre in the Complex.

Here, the audience is a class watching and deciding the fate of a group of students as they encounter terrors on a nighttime excursion. A theatrical Cabin In The Woods, this interactive piece succeeds in offering choices on a screen and having members vote by colored sticks, keeping the story disruption to a minimum.

Some very good fight choreography and staging brings tension to the proceeding, which has numerous endings – depending on audience choice, everyone or NO ONE in the cast can survive. (My show had one survivor. Late night crowds have no mercy.)

The cinematic scene changes drag the pacing and the story (at least in my iteration) could benefit from a more cohesive storytelling finale, but it’s a big idea with a unique perspective worth checking out!