by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

I’d like to say that #MeToo the solo show currently appearing at Studio C for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, adds a new level of WTF-ness to the modern understanding and experience of female gender violence. Alas, Star Stone’s serio-comedy, survivor tale exploring the spectrum between trauma and lack of education of consent and sexual safety, is such a norm for young women, actually a great many women, today.

Stone struggles with terrible early-childhood, parental prototypes, body acceptance, an eating disorder, alcohol abuse, unwanted sexual encounters, and date rape. To recover, she embarks on a path of spiritual transformation and sexual liberation, which brings healing and relief, at first, but then she finds herself in the middle of an abusive relationship and is ultimately forced to reconcile with herself.

As many women in the audience guffawed in empathetic, and full-knowing, shock & awe, from one familiar self-deprecating, revelation to the next, what came to mind was, “How in the hell did she manage to even get here?!”

Fascinating, unusual and very comically done, Stone really brings home the (exclamation) point of how life for a woman is utterly changed by just a single one of these revolting experiences, never mind the many she alone has encountered. And it’s a story that both men and women really need to hear.