by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Dark and sensual, Los Angeles artist-activist Michael Kearns’ 75 minute, one-act, memory play, Bloodbound, currently showing at The Blank/2nd Stage Theatre, is an epithet to ‘brotherly’ love.  Deeply poetic, forbidden, distorted, it tracks the lives of two brothers, Anthony and Vincent, linked by crossed childhood sexual boundaries, familial implosion, mental illness and incarceration.

Bloodbound is an unlikely love story that pits the freedom to love against overpowering odds through the internal and external conflicts of brothers who are divided by a cavernous distance they cannot wrap their own understanding around.  Anthony and Vincent are seemingly fastened only by ‘blood’ and yet, harbor an inexplicable desire to cohere themselves emotionally, mentally and physically.  To love.

Kearns has developed a uniquely descriptive, empathetic story. Bloodbound is a profound, committed journey. The writing intense and intimate, distinctly characterized by a precise use of language and device… two actors inhabiting each brother role, the younger and the older versions, intercutting their often skewed memories.

Creatively directed by Mark Bringleson. Gorgeous performances by Mathew Dunlop, Josh Allen Goldman, Dean Howell and Gordon Thomson.

Beautiful stage craft with lighting by Brandon Baruch and sound design by Christoper Moscatiello.

Highly Recommended

Ages 17+