Aleksader Grey Releases New Single ‘Let Go’

Aleks Grey is the latest addition to the Norwegian record label Toothfairy family.

In 2015, Aleks appeared here at Gia On The Move with his single Feel Alive which quickly gained over half a million streams on Spotify alone and led to a live performance on Radio BBC Merseyside as well as a double live session for the biggest youth magazine in the UK, The Student Pocket Guide.  He is back this month with his new single Let Go.

Written and produced by Aleks in collaboration with Viljar Losnegård and Sivert Hagtvet in Whiteroom Studios in Asker along with additional collaborators Sebastian Berg (guitar), Hanna Kvamme (vocals) and Sivert Moe (vocals), Let Go is about letting go of something good in order to obtain something better.

Let Go follows the November 2017  release of his debut EP Souls, described as ‘an epic collection of pop tracks’, and also nominated for The Best Solo Record of The Year by LMS in England, also featured on The 25 best indie albums of 2015 by the American magazine Jammerzine.

Aleks is inspired by bands such as Coldplay and One Republic and has amassed an impressive amount of radio play and streaming numbers both nationally and internationally.


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