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With Broadwater Plunge, L.A.’s Theater Lovers get their own bar on Hollywood’s Theater Row.

Press Release

The family behind the Broadwater Theater complex, actor Patrick Duffy, his son Padraic Duffy, and Emily Kosloski, wife of the younger Duffy, announce today that they will open The Broadwater Plunge in May, in time for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

The Broadwater Plunge on Theater Row will be open to the public and will be the only bar in Los Angeles situated inside a live theater that operates whether or not a production is playing onstage. Guests will never need theater tickets to get into the bar, even when there is.

The Broadwater Plunge
6324 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Hours of operation:
Wednesday and Thursday
Friday 5p-2a
Saturday 2p-2a
Sunday 5p-12a

“Emily and I have each been in theater our entire lives and we designed this place to support activities of the Sacred Fools Theater Company inside the theater,” Padraic Duffy says. The theater community is a unique and fun constituency to serve. We’ve built a bar that will be a safe place for LA’s live-theater lovers – be they actors, producers, playwrights, or enthusiasts – to gather, brainstorm ideas, run lines, unwind after a performance or just take comfort in being among like-minded people. You can come to the Plunge, be weird and out there, and be accepted and celebrated for it.”

Details on the bar:

The interior of the 900-square-foot bar was designed by Greg Swanson, whose Los Angeles design credits include The Line Hotel (Koreatown) and Clifton’s Cafeteria (DTLA). Décor suggests an artist’s study: comfortable with dark mahogany booths and a library of Samuel French-inspired theater scripts covering one wall. Original exposed duct work, brick work, wood-beam ceiling, and polished cement floors will remain intact.

The Broadwater Plunge cocktail menu will feature classics as well as original, signature drinks.

Four generations of Duffys in the bar business:

The inspiration for the Broadwater Plunge, including the name itself, can be traced back to the rural Montana towns in which Patrick Duffy was born and raised.

“In the mid-to-late 19th century, a gentleman by the name of Colonel Charles Arthur Broadwater ran a spa called the Broadwater in what would come to be known as Broadwater County, Montana,” recalls Patrick Duffy. “The spa was built on a natural hot spring. In the middle of the facility was a natatorium—a swimming pool or ‘plunge.’ Ergo, the Broadwater Plunge.”

The Duffys have a family history in the bar business: The Broadwater Plunge will represent the 4th generation of Duffys in the industry. Patrick grew up in an apartment connected to his parents’ bar, The Owl.

The Owl always felt like just another room in our apartment. On weekends, for instance, my sister and I would get out of bed and wander into the bar before it opened just as anyone else might go into the kitchen. We’d grab a candy bar, go back to bed and think nothing of it,” he says. “Regulars with grand names like Ed Haley, George Paradise, and Jimmy Stubblefield—who was known to bring his mule right up to the bar with him—were like members of our extended family. Other times, a customer who’d had one too many would stumble through the door that separated the bar from our living room looking for the bathroom. We’d just spin ‘em around, point them in the right direction, and send them back into the bar. A similar blurring of lines between the theater, the bar, and even the street and the neighborhood is what we’re going for with the Broadwater Plunge. I’m sure we’ll even find our own Jimmy Stubblefield in time.”

“Building the Broadwater Theater was a passion project for my wife Carlyn and I before she passed away,” concludes Patrick Duffy. The Plunge is the latest chapter in that love story.”


Photo above by Jessica Sherman: Actor Patrick Duffy, his son Padraic Duffy and Emily Kosloski at the new Broadwater Plunge on Hollywood Theater Row.