Homeward LA Shines Light On L.A. Homeless Crisis with 10-Day Performance Event

Homeward LA is a 10-day citywide event taking place Friday, April 13th – Sunday, April 22nd featuring biographical monologues about individuals in Los Angeles county who have experienced homelessness. Showtimes and tickets can be found on the website.

Multiple productions across the city will feature a unique cast performing the same 12 monologues. Intended to raise awareness and provide aid to those who are experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, all proceeds will benefit The Midnight Mission, a non-profit organization in Skid Row, which has been serving the Los Angeles homeless community for more than a century.

“I want to see the community come together to end homelessness,” said Homeward LA Founder Jason Lesner. “After years of working in the nonprofit sector, serving those who have experienced foster care, probation, and homelessness, I came to believe that the only way we can truly solve this problem is if the community first commits to solving it. Homeward LA is designed to reach people all over the city and instill compassion that invigorates their desire to evoke change and take action.”

“The Midnight Mission is proud to partner with Homeward LA in telling stories of people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles” says Mike Arnold, President & CEO of The Midnight Mission. “The Midnight Mission’s goal is to restore people to self-sufficiency and combat the issues surrounding homelessness. There is no one solution that will end homelessness. It will require all of us working together.  Projects like this help improve understanding of the horrors of street life and create bridges for significant transformation. We are so honored to be partnering with the talented writers, actors and those experiencing homelessness who are uniting to raise awareness of the people living on our streets who are who are hungry and without a home.”

Performance Venues and Dates:

Friday, April 13:

  • Epiphany Space (Hollywood)

Saturday, April 14:

  • First Congressional Church of Los Angeles (Downtown Los Angeles –Koreatown)
  • City of Angels Boxing (Downtown Los Angeles–University Park)
  • Unitarian Universalist Church (Studio City)

Sunday, April 15:

  • Unitarian Universalist Church (Studio City)
  • Open Space Los Angeles (West Hollywood – Fairfax)
  • Hollywood Heritage Museum (Hollywood)
  • The Lexington (Downtown Los Angeles)
  • Expo Center (Downtown Los Angeles –University Park)
  • 1329 East 3rd Street (Downtown Los Angeles)

Monday, April 16:

  • Horror Escapes Los Angeles (Downtown Los Angeles), The Broadwater (Hollywood)

Tuesday, April 17:

  • Horror Escapes Los Angeles (Downtown Los Angeles)
  • Throop Unitarian Universalist Church (Pasadena)
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 2828 (Redondo Beach)
  • Pacific Resident Theater (Venice)

Wednesday, April 18:

  • The Broadwater (Hollywood)
  • Throop Unitarian Universalist Church (Pasadena)
  • Pacific Resident Theater (Venice)

Friday, April 19:

  • Boston Court (Pasadena)

Saturday, April 20

  • Young Actors Space (Sherman Oaks)
  • Boston Court (Pasadena)

Saturday, April 21:

  • Pico Union Project (Downtown Los Angeles)
  • Young Actors Space (Van Nuys)
  • Pierson Playhouse, Palisades Theatre (Pacific Palisades)
  • Muse (Studio City)
  • Meta Theater (West Hollywood)
  • Skylight Theatre (East Hollywood –Los Feliz)
  • Theatre of NOTE (Hollywood)

Sunday, April 22:

  • Expo Center (Downtown Los Angeles –University Park)
  • Young Actors Space (Sherman Oaks)
  • Coast Playhouse (West Hollywood)
  • Fanatic Salon Theater (Culver City)
  • Meta Theater (West Hollywood)
  • Theatre of NOTE (Hollywood)
  • WACO Theater Center – Richard Lawson Studios (North Hollywood)
  • The Smell (Downtown Los Angeles)

Producers include: Jessica Salans, Teresa Jusino, Kevin Rodriguez, Kate Mansi, Jeneta St. Clair, Rebecca Ramon, Jason Lesner, Jeanne Zacarias, Mari Meyer, Richard Hochberg, Jack Zullo, Saundra Nicholson, the southland company & The Vagrancy, Becky Poole, John Wuchte, Keirda Bahruth, Rashel Mereness, Marwa Bernstein, Susan Lambert Hatem, Carlton Totten, Mikaela Shwer, Diane Eaton, Aaron Lindenthaler, Francine Daniels, Glenn Zoller, Kelly Spillman, Saundra Nicholson, Carolina Groppa, Amber Mari, Gina Torrecilla & David Tran

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  1. […] Homeward LA is a 10-day citywide event taking place Friday, April 13th – Sunday, April 22ndfeaturing biographical monologues about individuals in Los Angeles county who have experienced homelessness. Showtimes and tickets can be found on the website. read more here […]