On April 7th at 7:00pm, Arena Cinelounge Sunset 6464Sunset Blvd., Lobby Level, Hollywood, CA 90028, will present a special Planet of the Apes double-feature to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the original film! (Tickets are $16 and can be purchased at Arena or on Fandango.  Moviepass is accepted.)

LIVE appearances by special guests Lou Wagner (cast member Lucius in the original film); Tom Burman, original Apes make-up artist; Greg Nicotero, executive producer, The Walking Dead.

Planet of the Apes.
Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner
Written by Michael Wilson and Rod Serling
Based on the novel by Pierre Boulle
Produced by Arthur P. Jacobs
From 20th Century Fox. (Color, 1968, USA, 112 minutes, rated G) Starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, Lou Wagner, Linda Harrison

Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Directed by Ted Post
Written by Paul Dehn and Mort Abrahams
Produced by Arthur P. Jacobs
From 20th Century Fox. (Color, 1970, USA, 95 minutes, rated G)
Starring James Franciscus, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, Charlton Heston, Linda Harrison, Paul Richards

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Arena Cinelounge Sunset is an Academy-qualified venue and is now exhibiting short subjects in addition to feature-length films.

Photo (above) provided by Philip Sokoloff Publicity for the arts