Sex All Around! ‘4Play: Sex In A Series’

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Sex all around…and around and around…is about what you’ll get with 4Play: Sex In A Series, currently diverting audiences at The Actors Company, Hollywood.

Hosted by trip. theater ensemble, in a standing-room-only, nightclub setting (but yes there are stools for sitting), this interconnecting, relationship drama has just as many couples change-ups as there are cast members, with one narrator acting as the friend/assistant director/conscience who may or may not be there.

Everyone’s falling in or out of love, getting even, getting self-esteem, getting the joke on them, getting laid and getting their hearts broken. And hardly anyone is getting any satisfaction. Funny yes. But not so larger-than-life. In fact, this seriocomic narrative is as down to earth and filled with theatrical and hook-up culture trivialities, that the immersiveness of the experience really is like hanging out with, and listening to, any given friend’s worst, most silly dating war stories.  Sit back and enjoy the ridiculous!

4Play: Sex In A Series attempts to blur the lines between theater and life (and between gay and straight), boy meets girl, boy meets boy, girl meets girl. There are enough complications to ruin a perfectly good dinner party – which it royally does. But of course, life and love go on.

Delightfully entertaining, script and actors, you will also enjoy a stocked bar open for business, a bit of cabaret singing and an insecure director re-write that will make you want to throw tomatoes.

Written by Graham Brown, Nathan Faudree and Lisa Roth
Directed by Graham Brown
Produced by Kelsey Fisher

The Ensemble Cast includes: Marian Frizelle, Kirstin Racicot, Graham Brown, Dustyn Gulledge, Kaitlin Large, Zoë Simpson Dean, Ariana Anderson, Eve Danzeisen, Cameron J. Pro, Kelsey Risher and Bevin Bro.

There is one 10-minute intermission.

Photo (above) by Kelsey Risher: Kaitlin Large and Eve Danzeisen

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