Feelgoodz New Honor System: Order Now. Pay Later.

Feelgoodz, the footwear brand well known for providing quality lifestyle footwear using ethical practices and sustainable materials, today announced the availability of select products through the new Feelgoodz Honor System. The honor system allows website customers to order items at no charge for the product upfront, with minimal shipping and handling fees. They are only asked to cover payment if they are totally satisfied after receiving and trying the product for themselves.

Feelgoodz Classicz and Slimz are currently available through the Feelgoodz Honor System, offering options for both men and women. If customers are not satisfied, Feelgoodz asks that they simply gift the product to a friend or donate them to someone in need instead of shipping them back to the company. No additional fees will be required.

The Feelgoodz Honor System is the brainchild of company CEO Mark Saad who saw this as a logical next step towards creating an ethical business built on trust and a way to remove risk for the customer.

“We’re comfortable selling on the honor system because we trust the quality of our products and know that our customers will be very satisfied too.”


From the start, the company has developed lasting relationships with artisans and farmers in Thailand, Vietnam and Guatemala gaining their trust by using fair-trade principles to create consistent work opportunities for those communities. The honor system is an extension of that commitment to consumers, trusting that their footwear is worth the price.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to support ethical business practices by crafting footwear that was a cut above,” said Kyle Berner, founder of Feelgoodz. “We wanted the farmers and artisans we work with around the world to trust that we would treat them fairly and we wanted customers to trust that the products they were buying were produced in a sustainable, ethical manner. With the Feelgoodz Honor System, we want to show just how much we trust the quality of the products produced with that approach.”

“We see this as the next evolution in how ethically conscious business is done.” said Saad. “We trust consumers to see the value in the products and how that is passed on to the local craftspeople and artisans we work with around the globe. Feelgoodz is just one link in a much bigger chain that benefits all of those people and that’s something consumers today are more in tune with than ever before.”

Feelgoodz products are crafted using the highest quality natural rubber in the world, sourced from organic latex farms in Thailand, resulting in footwear that far exceeds the quality and comfort traditionally found in the industry. Through their partnership with the Fair Rubber Association and Green Net Thailand, they have pioneered Fair Rubber Certified materials and are the first U.S. company to incorporate them into their products.

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