by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

There is a singular, defining element about Uncle Paulie’s Deli…it’s the aroma.

You are met at the door by an intoxication of Italian meats, cold antipasti and bread…the kind of fragrance that evokes childhood flashbacks of paper-wrapping hurriedly ripped off of a fresh, crisp, spuckie, filled with finely sliced, room-temperature mortadella, capicola, soppressata, prosciutto, peppers and oil…voraciously savoring every bite…and taking a last moment to enjoy the lingering scent on your fingers from the familiar flavor extravaganza.

For me personally, everything about this place references my own Sicilian neighborhood shops growing up in the North End of Boston, sans sawdust on the floor, palettes of Bacala openly displayed centre aisle, barrels of fine, homemade lemon ice, and provolone balls hanging from the ceiling on string. (That’s super old school!).  Plus, Paulie’s from Queens. Paesan!

Uncle Paulie personally made my sandwich!

What Uncle Paulie’s brings to Beverly Blvd. near Kings Road, is ‘neighborhood’, accompanied by friendly service and tasty simple choices of quality foods – prepared with love.

I sampled 3 of the more popular sandwiches on the menu. (Who am I kidding?  I gobbled!)

Each was a perfect balance of flavor and substance. A refresher from today’s overly dry, bready subs, and crude, thickly cut, belly gorging meat (or not enough).

The Italian is by far the easiest to devour for the casual eater.  Balanced and savory it is the Italian-American hometown experience.

The house favorite, Turkey Pesto, is a notable highlight – super moist, fresh turkey complimented by greens, red peppers and homemade pesto sauce, which Uncle Paulie’s coincidentally bottles for take-home.

The Sicilian, is not your average tuna sandwich. Prepared traditionally southern-style without mayo or any other kind of cream, it’s lightly aromatic and mouth-watering simple.  Perfect if you’re skipping dairy.

Check out the dry goods on the shelf before you check out at the register.  Don’t forget your gumball.  The kid in you needs a throwback treat too!

Uncle Paulie’s also make their own homemade cookies, pasta, antipasti and pesto.

They also deliver and will cater your next party or film/TV set!

Uncle Paulie’s is also planning to open for breakfast.  You’ll be able to get your best meal of the day in early!